What is HoleyPatches?

Welcome! Thank you for dropping by the world of HoleyPatches, where we specialize in transforming the holes in your pants into something fabulous! Our Peek-a-boo-Signature patches are meticulously crafted pieces of fabric, expertly mounted on a durable denim backing to ensure strength and stability. They add a touch of style to your distressed denim while ensuring they last longer.
If you're all about comfort, our Stretch Patches are perfect for you. Whether you choose Peek-a-boo or Pretty designs, these patches come with a touch of stretch, making them ideal for your favorite pair of stretchy pants. Say goodbye to uncomfortable rips and hello to fashionable fixes!
For those looking for a touch of elegance, our Pretty Patches are your go-to solution. These patches feature a heavier fabric without the denim backing and can be easily cut to size, giving you the creative freedom to customize your patching experience.